A lone house sites on a hill. There is a honey colored barn, cached with dust but still well mended. Its posts echo the hills rolling beneath. Everything is gentle and nothing seems hard. Why there’s a two-story cottage in the middle of the plain...wait, maybe it’s not the middle. From where you are, the plain totally surrounds you. It looks like you could walk miles in either direction and still be nowhere nears its edges. The middle then must be somewhere, but you can’t be sure it’s where you are and where this building is.   To find out, you might just have to go in and see for yourself.

Copyright Gretel Schuck. All Rights Reserved.

Warm and inviting, from another period-1806

Queen size beds, 1200 thread count linens, feather comforters and feather beds. European style marble/glass showers

European amenities, comfortable chairs for reading. Night-time star viewing from the veranda-a rural gift.

The Pond Hou​sE

 A Vermont Country Inn


                                                            brownsville, vermont